Appointments: Meet with a SPECIALIST

Scheduling a Consultation

Want to schedule a consultation with us?  We would be honored to meet you and your pet!   Appointments can be scheduled during our regular business hours. While you are on the phone with us scheduling your consultation, we will ask for you and your pet’s basic information, primary care veterinarian, and a brief description of your pet’s medical condition.  It will also be important for us to know if your pet gets nervous or anxious easily so that we can best prepare before your appointment.

Urgent Appointments for New Clients

Sometimes emergencies happen.  If you feel your pet is in crisis or must be seen sooner than we are able to schedule, please call us at 719-272-4004 to facilitate an appointment on an urgent basis.

Admitting After Hours

If your pet needs evaluation and care outside of our business hours, you may admit through the Animal ER Care, located within our building. They can provide emergency evaluation and hospitalization overnight until your pet can be transferred to Internal Medicine the following morning. Please be advised that although we share a building, AERC is a completely separate business from us. You can reach them at (719) 260-7141.


In general, it is helpful for you to withhold food for 12 hours prior to your appointment, as this may be needed for additional diagnostic testing. Please confirm with your primary care veterinarian that it is safe for your pet. Water should be available.

What to Bring

Please make sure that your pet’s medical records and recent lab reports are available at the time of your appointment. These may be sent by your referring/primary care veterinarian prior to your appointment (we can take care of this part for you!), or you may bring them with you. If your primary care veterinarian has taken any X-Rays, please bring these with you along with all your pet’s current medications.


During your consultation, the veterinary specialist will obtain a thorough history, perform a complete physical examination, and discuss diagnostic and treatment options. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and an estimated treatment plan will be presented. Many common diagnostic tests and some procedures and treatments (such as an ultrasound) can be completed during your consultation, others may be scheduled for a later date.

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We LOVE our patients at SCVIM

The staff as a collective were extremely patient, helpful, thoughtful, and most importantly capable. I have no doubt in my mind that you all are the BEST in your field. Our visit and follow up care/phone consults have been exactly what we did and will need to resolve Rainy’s Health issues and concerns. We drive 2 hours to your clinic because we believe it is the best, the awesome and caring staff make it even better!

Rainy's Family, 2019

Your staff was kind, your equipment and facilities were top notch. Dr. McReynolds was patient and spent a generous amount of time explaining treatment options. I was impressed from beginning to end.

Maggie's Family, 2019

Incredibly grateful your wonderful practice exists. We know every time one of our animals comes in, they’ll be given the best possible care, with knowledgeable and gentle staff.

Rosie's Family, 2019

Dr. Cannizzo and her nurse were amazing. I’ve never been in this situation with an animal before and finding out my best friend has cancer is heartbreaking and Dr. Cannizzo did a fantastic job explaining what was going on as well as helping us stay cautiously hopeful that we may get a little more time with him.

Oliver's Family