Get Ready For Some Exciting Changes at the Veterinary Specialty Center

Author: Karin Cannizzo, DVM, DACVIM

Most New Year’s resolutions have already been discarded by now but not ours!  If you have been on North Nevada Avenue in the last few months, you probably noticed the building going up in front of the Veterinary Specialty Center.  Wondering who our new neighbor is? It is Colorado Canine Orthopedic and Rehab and they have expanded into their amazing new building.

Now it is our turn to get busy expanding.  Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine and Mountain View Veterinary Surgery will be remodeling the north half of the Veterinary Specialty Center. With this remodel, we will be redesigning our spaces to emphasize our goals of providing excellent care for both our clients and our patients, with a special emphasis on reducing stress for all (for more information on the Fear Free initiative:

You will enter our new space through the same front door, but we will be creating about twice as much space to meet and consult with clients about our patients.  Veterinary internal medicine is a lot like detective work and we spend a lot of time talking with our clients to fully understand the concerns their pets have been facing.  In addition to private consultation rooms, we will have semi-private spaces for shorter updates and also for our more introverted guests.    

If you have spent any time in our current lobby, you will see many a pet stepping on the scale and then trotting to the back with a nurse, skipping the exam room entirely.  You probably wouldn’t guess, but most of these pets are visiting for their cancer checks and treatments.  Where do they go? The “Chemo” room!  This room has been getting a little crowded so it too is getting an upgrade in space and equipment.  Don’t worry the cookie jars are making the move.

The other significant change for the remodel is the expansion of our intensive care unit.  We will continue to share the unit with Animal ER Care, so that our patients have around-the-clock nurses and doctors in attendance.   In addition to more kennels, we will be adding a second isolation suite for those pets affected by contagious infections (such as Parvo and influenza).  We will also be adding a second bank of runs for the “big dogs.”  These runs will have tempered glass doors to reduce anxiety that some dogs experience with bar-front run doors.   We already have electronic clipboards for patient monitoring and have upgraded to a wireless telemetry unit-  ECG heart rhythm monitoring displayed on the big screen, so these upgrades for patient comfort will be right at home.

We are equally excited about what happens when we move out of our current space!  Animal Allergy and Dermatology of Colorado with Dr. Jackie Campbell and Dr. Leigh Gray will do a little remodel of their own and move in.  This not only allows them to utilize our in-house CT unit, it continues our mission of working with specialists that share our passion for excellence. We want the Veterinary Specialty Center, maybe better named Veterinary Specialty Campus, to continue to be the place to come when your furry family member needs the care of a veterinary specialist.